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Free Machine Vision Evaluations at RR Floody Machine Vision Lab

August 12, 2019
RRF Vision Lab copy
R.R. Floody has one of the largest and most comprehensive machine vision labs in the Midwest .  With over 50 Cognex cameras, 250 lenses and 200 different lights, this is the place to come to solve your machine vision applications. Our experienced machine vision specialist will work with your parts to simulate your application and determine the best solution for your machine vision applications.
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Cognex In-Sight 2000 Mini Vision Sensors

August 12, 2019

Power of In-Sight with the ease-of-use and affordability of a vision sensor.

is2000-miniIn-Sight® 2000 Mini series vision sensors  combine the power of an In-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor.
The new In-Sight 2000-230 model features the same powerful tool set as the bigger units and at the competitive price point of the Mini series vision sensors.
  • High speed liquid lens provide maximum application coverage
  • Proven In-Sight tools ensure reliable inspection performance in a single setup environment
  • Field interchangeable lighting adapts to virtually any production line environment without the need for external lights
  • Miniature, modular body design with in-line or right-angle mounting provides maximum flexibility in tight spaces
We invite customers to bring their applications to our extensive Machine Vision Lab to evaluate the best approach to a solution. Our Machine Vision Specialist is also available for in-house evaluations .

Cognex In-Sight 9000 12MP Vision System

February 14, 2019

Single camera solution to multi-camera applications

AHP In-Sight-9000The In-Sight 9000 series offers Cognex’s first rugged, ultra-high-resolution, standalone vision systems. With its ability to acquire and process exceptionally detailed images, the In-Sight 9000 delivers high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area—even when mounted at longer distances. Line scan and area scan image acquisition options are available for imaging continuously moving or stationary objects.

Stand-out features include:

  • Area scan and line scan image options for imaging continuously moving or stationary objects
  • Cognex’s full suite of vision tools
  • Easy configurability through the In-Sight EasyBuilder interface
  • 12MP (area scan) and 32MP (line scan) image acquisition

Learn more about In-Sight 9000 12MP Vision System

Tech Brief: 6 Rules for Successfully Applying Machine Vision

August 23, 2018

6 RulesNew vision applications at RR Floody commence with a documented application evaluation process. This process is based on decades of machine vision experience, and we truly feel it is not only the correct way to approach machine vision; but the only way.

Rule #1. Good data in, equals good data out . . .
Rule #2. Make certain you are programming from a “Golden Image”. . .
Rule #3. Accurately name your inspection tools and machine vision components. . .
Rule #4 Check your work . . .
Rule #5 When in doubt, consult an expert . . . (RR Floody
Rule #6 No Fear! . . .

Download the complete 6 rules

Cognex DataMan 8070 Series Handheld Code Quality Verifier

August 17, 2018

Cognex 8700 readerBarcode verification is the process of grading the quality of barcodes. Barcode verifiers capture images and generate reports to demonstrate compliance to parameters within industry standardization guidelines.

The DataMan® 8070 series verifier is packed with powerful lighting options, robust grading algorithms, a high-speed processing engine, and a high-resolution camera to capture and grade the most difficult DPM codes. As the only DPM verifier on the market with 30-, 45-, and 90-degree lighting options, the DataMan 8070 verifier can easily illuminate codes on textured, curved, and even highly reflective surfaces.

WIN Six DataMan 70 Fixed Mount Barcode Readers

November 6, 2017

6 Dataman 70sThe new DataMan 70 fixed-mount barcode reader is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to read the most challenging 1-D and 2-D label-based codes.

DataMan 70 reliably reads:

  • Omnidirectional codes
  • Codes at extreme perspectives
  • Damaged, smudged or distorted codes

Enter today for a chance to win six DataMan 70 fixed-mount barcode readers.


Cognex In-Sight 7000 Gen II Vision System

April 28, 2017

In-Sight 7000 Gen II (3)The first, truly-customizable vision system! With field-configurable modular optics, lights, filters and covers the next generation In-Sight 7000 can be easily customized to solve your unique application. Now you have the power to BUILD YOUR VISION, your way!

The NEW In-Sight 7000 is a full-featured, powerful vision system that performs fast, accurate inspections of a wide range of parts across all industries. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines and the unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.

  • Enhanced performance keeps pace with increasing line speeds
  • Field-configurable lenses, lights, filters and covers meet custom application requirements
  • Familiar EasyBuilder interface simplifies set up and deployment

Cognex In-Sight Laser Profiler

April 11, 2017

In-Sight Laser Profiler and VC200The In-Sight™ laser profiler is a measurement system used to verify that a part’s dimensions meet specifications.  The In-Sight laser profiler is configured using the In-Sight EasyBuilder user interface.  This intuitive, easy-to-use software makes it simple for manufacturing and quality engineers to develop, deploy and support high accuracy measurements on the factory floor.

  1. Accurately acquire profiles
  2. Easily extract features and construct reference points
  3. Perform correct and repeatable measurements

The In-Sight laser profiler generates an accurate 2D profile of an object along a laser line.  The 2D profile provides precise geometric information that can be sued to verify that an object is defect-free and meets specifications.  The In-Sight laser profiler is easy to use and factory calibrated to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement results.

Cognex In-Sight VC200 Multi Smart Camera Vision System

November 17, 2016

vc200-smallThe In-Sight® VC200 multi smart camera vision system brings the proven reliability of standalone In-Sight vision systems to multi camera vision applications. You can easily attach up to four In-Sight smart cameras to a controller for multi-view inspections in your manufacturing environment. For the first time, you can leverage the power of distributed computing with multiple smart cameras for high-performance applications.

Cognex SurfaceFX Feature Extract Technology

September 15, 2016

surfacefx-setupSurfaceFX (Surface Feature Extract) is a product that utilizes an algorithm which highlights surface features regardless of whether they are engraved, etched, embossed, dented, punctured, stamped, or raised. Once contrast is created in the image, Cognex’s industry leading vision tools (OCRMax, PatMax RedLine, Blobs, InspectEdge, etc.) can easily inspect the part.

SurfaceFX utilizes a 4-segment quadrant controlled light and a Cognex IS8000 or IS5705 Series camera.  It uses reflections and shadows from the different angled lights to determine the surface structure.  The Cognex algorithm combines images from different light sources to create the resulting image.

SurfaceFX Applications:

Detect Small Defects including; chips, dents, wrinkle, puncture, tears
Creates Contrast between the surface and engraved, embossed, stamped, etched, or raised features