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Advantech UNO-2000 Series Embedded Automation Computers

February 4, 2015

Advantech Embedded ComputersCompact design with wide range of product form-factor

Advantech’s UNO-2000 series of fanless highly ruggedized Embedded Automation Computers include an embedded operating system (Windows CE, Windows XPE, WE37, WE38, Linux-Embedded).  They also include Advantech iDoor technology wihich supports automation feature extensions such as industry fieldbus communication, Wi-Fi/3G, digital I/O, including Palm, Small, and Regular-size form-factors.

UNO real-time Ethernet modules are equipped with daisy chain capabilities making it the easiest way to add more controllers into an existing network.

Advantech TPC-1582H New Touch-Panel Computer

June 6, 2014

RRF Advantech HMI15″ Touch-panel with Intel 4th Generation Core i3 Processor

Advantech’s new 15″ TCP-1582H touch-panel computer is the first of its type to feature the much heralded iDoor Technology, a faster low power processor and a multitude of IO ports.  The TPC-1582H is the first in the TPC range to use Intel’s 4th Generation Core i3 processor, which provides an additional 15% increase in speed compared to 3rd Generation processors and faster also refreshes graphic images 30% faster. All of these benefits are achieved while maintaining low power consumption and enhanced reliability.

Advantech Simplfy the Way You Connect

October 31, 2013

Advantech Advantech’s Factory & Machine Automation target production automation, packaging automation, logistics & warehousing that require a compact, reliable, and robust network system.   Advantech helps customers to achieve high scale volume production goals and raise their market competitiveness.

Advantech’s ADAM-6100 Industrial Ethernet Remote I/O modules

March 14, 2013

Advantech ADAM 6100Expand Control Systems with Flexible Remote I/O Modules

Equipped with the EtherNet/IP and PROFINET protocol, the ADAM-6100 series also allows daisy chain connections, making it possible to transfer data much faster during process control and other industrial automation applications.

Daisy chains also provide a more scalable system and using fewer wires helps avoid interference common in factory settings.

Advantech – Embedded Automation Computers

August 25, 2011

Advantech’s new Embedded Automation Computers, UNO-2174A and UNO-2178A, feature the low power consuming Intel® Atom™ N450/D510 processors and built-in 2G DDR2 RAM. They come with a variety of I/O modules, including up to 8 x serial ports, 2 x GbE ports, 6 x USB 2.0 ports and 1 x printer port.