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FX3S – New Possibilities with Low Cost Entry into FX3 PLC Platform

October 31, 2013

FX3S low cost PLC platformThe newly released FX3S adds extra expandability making it possible to utilize analog, Ethernet and MODBUS® functions even in small-scale systems.

The FX3S is the fit-and-forget PLC solution for space and cost conscious applications requiring up to 30 I/O.  This minimum-expandability, battery-less maintenance free controller is perfect for handling straightforward processes and can be hidden away in locations without regular maintenance activities.

  • 3rd Generation Basic Compact PLC
  • High performance with minimal size
  • Integrated power supply (AC powered)Maintenance-free EEPROM memory
  • Ample memory capacity (4000 steps) and device ranges
  • Built-in USB port for the programming communication function to enable high-speed communication at 12Mbps
  • Built-in positioning control
  • Integrated real-time clock