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What Are IP Ratings and What Do They Mean for Industrial Sensing?

October 27, 2016

How water resistant is water resistant, and what level of resistance is necessary for your application?  What’s the difference between IP and NEMA ratings?

This article clarifies what IP ratings mean, as well as what to look for as you select water-resistant industrial sensing solutions.


R.R. Floody Announces their 3D Vision Station is Up and Running!

May 28, 2012

3D Vision StationWe offer high speed 3D for complete vision solutions in tough industrial environments.  Our 3D cameras measure object shape at unmatched speed and quality at the same time as measuring other object features such as gray scale and laser scatter (MultiScan).  Check out our 3D Vision Station …

Barksdale White Paper: How to select a Pressure Switch

March 22, 2012

This white paper will provide a foundation for understanding the different types of pressure switches available and why one should be selected over another.  Read white paper…

Vision Sensor now offered with Ethernet

October 20, 2011

Cognex now offers vision sensors with Ethernet that you can easily integrate into your factory floor. The new Checker® 4G vision sensor by Cognex offers the same powerful and easy-to-use setup Checker is known for plus Ethernet networking for remote setup and monitoring, PLC communication through EtherNet/IP (EIP) and PROFINET, and the ability to save inspection images to an FTP server… all for less than $1,000

Barksdale new CS Pressure Switches

June 22, 2011

Barksdale CS SwitchesA versatile, low-cost switch in a small package, this versatile new line of compact switches offers a low-cost solution with high proof pressures and 3-4% accuracy in a small package, perfect for demanding applications.

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Cognex Image-based ID Readers

May 13, 2011
IDMax makes every read an easy readWith Cognex image-based technology,
every read is an easy read
Patented IDMax® technology, allows Cognex image-based readers to successfully read 1D and 2D codes that other readers cannot. Regardless of code quality, size, marking method or material, we can read it!